Speakeasy Multilingual Happy Hour

Speakeasy Multilingual Happy Hours are where Florence’s local and international community comes together to make friends, practice languages, drink, and eat.

We’ve gone virtual for the duration of the emergency!

Use this link at 7:30 pm on Wednesday: https://zoom.us/j/744708793

First Thursday Art Walk


First Art Walk

March 12, 2020. 7:00 pm, starting at Chiasso Perduto
Costs: €11, including 3 glasses of wine and appetizers

Between 30 and 80 people come every week. We are from many countries (and often from more than one at once): Italy, U.S., UK, India, Norway, the Netherlands, Canada, Cameroon, Singapore, India, Germany, South Africa, Moldavia, Russia, Israel, Ireland, Pakistan, Spain, Argentina, France, Nepal, Belgium, Iran, the Basque Countries, Poland, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Romania, Brazil, Albania, Denmark, Scotland, Cambodia, Finland, China, Slovenia, Moldavia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Oman, Chile, Sweden, Hungary, Bahrain, New Caledonia, Australia, Korea, Iceland, Burkina Faso, Morocco, Japan, Mexico, Switzerland, Taiwan, Austria, Hong Kong, Senegal, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Peru, Haiti, Colombia…. Not every country in the world, but darn near close!

Meet, greet, eat, drink, laugh, talk

We are locals, travelers, students, artists, scholars, retirees, translators, bankers, electricians, researchers, engineers, writers, counselors, teachers, jewelers, doctors, actors, programmers, artisans, musicians…

Food, friends, and conversation

At Speakeasy, people find language partners, travel companions, teachers, tour guides, and, most of all, friends.

Practice your languages

English and Italian are the most often heard at Speakeasy, with smatterings of other languages from around the world, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Russian….

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