Dive into Florence’s Local & Global Community

Speakeasy Multilingual

We’re an international community in Florence, Italy, made up of people from all over the globe, both locals who live in Florence long-term, have just moved here, and those passing through — whether for days, months, or years — including expats, students, travelers, teachers, and global nomads. 

Are you studying in Florence? Have you just moved to Florence?

Are you relocating to Florence for a new job?

Have you lived in Florence forever and want to meet new people?

Join our expat community.

Meet super interesting new friends from everywhere

At Speakeasy, people find language partners (especially to improve Italian or English), travel companions, language teachers, tour guides, and, most importantly, international local friends.

Get insider tips on making the most of living in Florence

Find a place to live

Get involved

Eat well

Find an accountant

Get Italian citizenship

Find a bank

Get residence

Learn Italian

Learn English

Get professional translation between Italian and English

Find a job

Find a doctor

Find a dentist

Get healthcare/insurance

Practice languages 

Speakeasy started to bring language learners together in real life to practice their languages with native speakers. Now it’s a big community with many reasons to come together. Those wanting to practice English always find lots of chances with Speakeasy as it’s our dominant language. Italian learners also find excellent language exchange partners, often setting up one-on-one conversation exchange outside of the regular Speakeasy happy hours.

How to become part of our community

For six years, we have met every Wednesday evening for a Speakeasy Multilingual Happy Hour to enjoy some food and drink while chatting in languages from around the world. Put on pause by Covid, as soon as we can, we’ll meet again.

We also have Special Speakeasies, including small-group hangouts, gallery walks, cooking classes, and sit-down dinners. We are partnering with shops, schools, art galleries, and restaurants across town to give special deals for Speakeasiers eager to dive into Florentine life.

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We’ll let you know where and when we’ll meet, where, and how much it costs!

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Watch clip and interview with Miriam about Speakeasy Multilingual

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