Banking in Florence

For those living, working, and studying abroad, the best invention of the decade is TransferWise. Use this link to get your first transfer for up to $600 free.

It’s an infinitely better deal than PayPal or or international bank-to-bank transfers. You can have balances in multiple currencies. I suggest getting the debit card.

Italian banks

You may need an Italian bank account for bureaucratic reasons, such as if you are paying Italian taxes or have a client who wants to pay to an Italian bank. If you’re a student or here short term, you likely don’t need one and TransferWise would do it. Banks will generally require a resident permit and residency. Here are some suggested by the international community.

N26 — online bank

Banca Etica — Ethical, sustainable financing
Via dell’Agnolo 73 R, Santa Croce area

Intesa San Paolo — Piazza della Repubblica 11 R

BancoPosta — Attached to the post office, so has a lot of ATMs. You can get a regular checking account or apply for a debit card that accepts money transfer payments with an IBAN.


Branch near Piazza della Libertà: Viale Giacomo Matteotti, 33/r


Branch in the center of Florence: Via dei Sassetti, 6, 50123 Firenze FI

BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas
Via de’ Cerretani, 32R, near the Duomo

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