Bikes in Florence

Florence is — more of less — bike friendly. In town, things can get a bit bumpy and traffic a bit close for comfort, but there are a growing number of bike lanes, especially up and down the river. In the immediate city, you can get most places by bike within 15 minutes, whereas most other means are iffy. Even driving is a pain because of limited traffic areas and parking. Your best bet for a second-hand bike is someone selling theirs because leaving town. Check on Facebook groups for foreigners.

Bike theft is a big problem in Florence. If you can’t keep the bike off the street, new, nice bike may well be a very temporary possession. Make sure your bike lock costs about as much as the bike itself!

Anti-theft equation:
± €50 bike lock for a ±€50 bike!

Second-hand bikes in Florence:

Facebook Marketplace

Vivo a Firenze compro/vendo bici

Progetto Ulisse repairs abandoned bikes and sells them. You have to reserve a second-hand bike online.


La Mecca dell’Usato — Via Poggio Bracciolini, n. 8/14

New bike shops (you can always ask if they have any used ones for sale)

Filoofficina — Via del Campuccio 82r

Bike tours

E-bike Tours

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