Jobs in Florence

Finding work in Italy is often no easy feat. The economy is shaky at best. Salaries are low compared to much of the industrialized world. The work culture means people stay in their jobs forever. But, knowing languages is a big foot up in an international city of tourism like Florence. Speakeasy events are also great for incidental networking! Many remote workers choose Italy to enjoy better weather, food, etc. than in their home countries.

Here are some starting points for looking for a job using language skills.

The Florentine classifieds — Florence’s top English-language newspaper has a classified section including job offers, such as for English-speaking babysitters, English teachers, jobs in bars and stores requiring multi-lingualism.

Join Facebook groups for foreigners and keep an eye out for job offers for speakers of English and other languages.

Language-based jobs

My Tata Inglese is an agency matching parents and native English-speaking babysitters.

Labsitters is an innovative company offering activities for children in foreign languages.

Canadian Island has classes and summer camps for kids in English. Send resume to

If you make or have money in one currency and spend it another, Transferwise is far and away the best option to transfer between countries. Use this link to get your first transfer up to $600 free.

General online job ads




Google Jobs

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Looking for an international employee?

Write us if you have a job position you are looking to fill in Florence, especially for international job seekers.

Need help tailoring your resume or CV in English to international standards?

For resume writing and consulting services, get in touch.

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