Language exchange in Florence

Come to our weekly multilingual happy hours to connect with new friends and possible language partners to continue to meet one-on-one outside of Speakeasy.

Do-it-yourself Language Exchange – Find Partners

Or if you’re searching for a language exchange partner, write in the comments here, specifically

  • Language(s) you want to practice and your level
  • Language(s) you speak natively (or almost)
  • Your first name
  • Other factors, like schedule, location, length of time in Florence

Write to join our WhatsApp group chat to find a language partner in Florence.

If you you’d like to be on our mailing list, join here:

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2 replies on “Language exchange in Florence”

I am a native American English speaker moving to Florence in January 2021. My Italian is high beginning or low intermediate. I am a retired English teacher and looking for someone to meet with once or twice a week to practice Italian in exchange for English. Grazie.


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