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It goes without saying that Italian food is crazy delicious. Wine, gelato, pasta, and pizza are a good start but it’s also a varied cuisine, each region with its own specialties. Local Florentine specialities tend to be hearty and meaty. We give a few of our favorite spots for Italian and non-Italian restaurants and bars in town.
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Our Favorite Restaurants and Bars in Florence

Santarosa Bistrot
Lungarno di Santa Rosa, 50142 Firenze FI
Beautiful garden setting, great for a coffee, a drink in the evening, or high quality lunch or dinner.
Pint of View
Excellent Korean fusion and craft beer
Culinaria De Gustibus
Piazza Tasso 13R
Slow food, Mediterranean. Innovative with high quality ingredients, charming atmosphere.
Al Tranvai
Very old school Tuscan. Lots of innards. Lots of history.

Classic, inexpensive, basic, reliably good.

Pizzeria Antica Porta
Via Senese, 23
More unusual pizzas

Vico di Carmine
Via Pisana 40r, near Porta San Frediano
Southern Italian Style (spicier, richer)

Teatro del Sale
Via dei Macci 111, San Ambrosio
Theatre/restaurant. Very cool. Must reserve except for lunch, when there is no show.

Quattro Leoni
Piazza della Passera, 1r, de’ Vellutini
Consistently good food. Nice atmosphere. Cute piazza.
Peposo beef. Fried artichokes.