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FAQs about Living in Florence

These frequently asked questions are the ones that newcomers and those thinking of moving to Florence often ask on international forums like Foreigners in Florence. The answers to how to get about reflect the experience of Speakeasy members and long-time locals.

Find a Home in Florence

Q. How can I find a place to live?

A. Check out our tips and links for renting or buying in Florence.

Q. How can I find a job?

A. That’s a hard one! Here are some starting points.

Q. Where can I learn Italian?

A. See our suggestions here for Italian schools !

Q. How can I find a good dentist?

A. Look no further.

Q. Where can I find a WiFi connection?

A. Girl in Florence has a quite comprehensive list!

Q. How can I set up phone and internet service?

A. Choose a provider (Tim, Vodafone, Fastweb, etc.) and go to their shop.

Q. Is Florence easily walkable?

A. Yes, in the center most places are within a 15-20 minute. Most places in the city limits can be reached within 45 minutes. Biking is best.

Q. Is Florence safe?

A. Yes. Though everything is relative, there are few violent crimes. Pickpocketing and purse snatching are bigger problems.

Q. How can I sign up to the national health system?

A. Follow our guidance here or write us if you need help with the bureaucracy.

Q. How can I meet people?

A. Come to Speakeasy Multilingual Happy Hours.

Q. Are there good vegan and vegetarian restaurants?

A. Yep! Curious Appetite’s suggestions are great.

Q. How can I find a cell phone?

A. Either any cell phone store (phone aren’t locked to a provider here) or contact us.

Q. Can you recommend a good accountant?

A. Yes. Accountants in Florence.

Q. Can I get Italian citizenship through Italian ancestors?

A. Maybe, depending on your case. Write us and we’ll refer you to lawyers who can answer your questions.

Q. What’s the cost of living in Florence?

A. It depends, of course, but these numbers seem pretty accurate.

Q. How do I get an Elective Residence visa for Italy?

A. You must apply from your home country and show proof of non-work income of at least €31,000 per year.
Write us for a referral to a lawyer to help.

Q. Can I use my foreign drivers license?

A. Depends on the agreement with your country. For the U.S., you can for one year after you get residency, with an international drivers license from the AAA.

Q. How do I apply for an Italian ID card?

A. If you have residency, you can get it at the Anagrafe — register office — in Piazza della Libertà.
Contact us if you need help with the bureaucracy.

Q. Where can I buy a bike?

A. Our tips and links for getting a bike.

Q. Where can I donate used goods?

A. We give some options at the bottom of this page.

Q. Where can I get used furniture?

A. Second-hand shops, occasional markets, or online.

Q. Where can I buy ingredients to cook non-Italian food?

A. Vivi Market for almost all non-Italian cuisine, from American Pop Tarts to Japanese Mochees. Mercato Centrale and nearby shops. Via Palazzuolo near the station.

Q. How can I open a business in Florence?

A. Depends. Talk to an accountant.

Q. Where can I find a good vet?

A. Between Piazza Tasso and Porta Romana: Ambulatorio Petrarca.

Q. Where can I learn English?

A. Private or group lessons.

Q. How can I open a bank account?

A. Wise will probably solve everything. Otherwise here are some other banking options.

For expats, international students, and anyone who needs to send money between currencies and countries, Wise is far and away the best option. Use this link to get your first transfer up to $600 free.

Q. What’s the difference between types of rental leases?

A. Many rentals in the center specify that they are a temporary (transitorio) lease for up to 18 months, usually meaning the landlord would rather you not become an official resident there. Other kinds of leases, such as 4+4, meaning for 4 years and the renewable for another 4, are standard leases with good protection for the tenant.

Q. How can I get health insurance?

A. Here are some tips.

Q. How can I find a professional Italian-to-English translator?

A. Miriam Hurley.

Q. Where can I find an English-speaking doctor?

A. Here are some suggested doctors (English level not always known).